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ACNL refs and liveblogging.

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Wayfield | Angiestown | 4000-4155-5644

This town is absolutely incredible! So much hard work has gone into this masterpiece, and as a finishing touch all of the flowers have even been watered so everywhere is sparkling. Everyone should visit this town, just be sure you have a lot of spare time as you won’t want to leave!



i vistted a cute disney princess themed town!! 
although i had margie as a villager before but i guess she doesn’t recognize me D:

dream address:  4700-2191-3295

oooh on my to dream of list!






I still see people complaining about how Isabelle can’t seem to make public works go where you want them to, so here’s a guide to placing things.

Red = Public works project. Buildings have dead spots where nothing can be placed in front of their doors. This space is counted as part of the building. 

Orange = Actual size of the project. Orange spaces cannot overlap, but they can touch. This means that public works and buildings must always be at least 2 spaces apart from each other. Cliffs, rivers, rocks, ponds, trees, bushes and bamboo cannot be in the orange area, but they can touch it.

Blue = Where you must be standing in order for Isabelle to put it in the right spot.

idk about bridges though. I don’t have enough free space in my towns to mess with those.

This wiki page has pictures of all the public work projects available along with their sizes.


So yeah! Thought I’d make a mini tutorial for tumblr on how to walk on water in Animal Crossing New Leaf! I see a lot of posts showing this trick but never explaining exactly how to pull it off. 

Shout out to SwimmingBird941 for his awesome youtube tutorial!


A handful of people have asked me how to redecorate villager homes in the past few days, so here’s a how-to guide just incase more people want to know but they don’t want to ask.

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This afternoon I made a few pictures of my town. I still have a lot to do but I think it’s cute enough for now… I hope you like it! ヽ(●´ ω`●)ノ

• Dream address: 6700 – 2251 – 1948

• Town: New Leaf

• Mayor: Loli

• Villagers: Fauna – Bam – Erik – Molly – Cherry – Elmer – Poppy – Eunice – Bianca


qr codes for the path i’m using requested by anon~ :)
this is part 1 of 3
not my design, just sharing it.

part 1/ part 2/ part 3


A guide to growing hybrid flowers with fertilizer from least to most effective. Fertilizer will produce 2 or more new flowers. New flowers will not always be hybrids even if the most effective method is used (varies depending on the rarity of the hybrid). These methods are also applicable without fertilizer (number of output flowers will vary) (lower chance of hybrid output).

I think I’ll work on moving out Ankha and trade her for Diana///

she was fun to have in my town~ I stil feel pretty blessed to find her in my tent ahh


this is the dirt path that goes with these wide paths with all the seasonal variations. too pretty. :)